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  • Video: Blue shorts massive Parkour

    Video: Blue shorts massive Parkour

    I would like to show you a great video. No flips, just mind-blowing jumps. What I find most intriguing about this clip is that Ross Brewer, the protagonist, seems to defy gravity due to his posture and hang time. There is a chance that you may have seen this video already (11,000 views in one week), but

  • Windows 8 has Parkour in the ad

    Windows 8 has Parkour in the ad

    If you happened to miss it, Microsoft launched a new commercial for Windows 8. It features a Free runner, some Parkour and… J-Rock? The ad itself is completely random and feels a little bit like having A.D.D. when watching, but it’s cool to see Free running becoming so popular. What’s your take on the new

  • Video: Beijing Urban Monkeys

    Video: Beijing Urban Monkeys

    Due to internet censorship in China we often don’t see much of the Chinese Traceurs and Traceuses. This video, however, confirms that they are doing great! Zhang Yi Jie from the Beijing Urban Monkeys team busts out some huge movements both in local spots and at the amazing PK parks they have created. It’s great

  • Video: Will Sutton Parkour 2012

    Video: Will Sutton Parkour 2012

    Will Sutton launched a brand new clip for 2012. This film focuses on more than one thing. It involves Parkour, Free Running and Film Making. The author wanted to create a film a mixture of all his passions, together. This video has been a year and a half spent in creation. Will confessed that whenever

  • Video: Michigan Parkour Jam 2012

    Video: Michigan Parkour Jam 2012

    The University of Michigan Parkour club held their annual national jam in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 21-23rd of September 2012. The jam gathered traceurs from all over the state of Michigan, and Washington and Illinois with almost 80 practitioners attending the event. It’s great to see such events coming true. The participants seemed to have a great