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Physical Conditioning

  • Parkour strength training and conditioning

    Parkour strength training and conditioning

    Parkour athlete Obsidian 1138 launched one of his already famous videos, full of great workouts. The exercises demonstrated in this particular video do not represent a full workout routine, but just a collection of training ideas the team at Nirthen Parkour put together for you. You can use these to complement your Parkour training. As

  • How to prevent muscle soreness in Parkour

    How to prevent muscle soreness in Parkour

    I finally decided to write a piece on how to prevent muscle soreness for Parkour. Muscle pain is an integral part of Parkour training, whether you want it or not. If you do not suffer from it at least once a week, it means you might no be pushing hard enough. Although you cannot stop it completely,

  • How to improve power and speed for Parkour

    How to improve power and speed for Parkour

    Almost everybody has seen District 13, Prince of Persia or the already infamous Parkour chase scene from 007: Casino Royale. The main thing that strikes you most in every case is the power featured on those scenes. The persons performing those movements seem to defy the laws of physics and lift or drop they’re bodies like they’re

  • Training barefoot in Parkour

    Training barefoot in Parkour

    I train barefoot a lot, and other Parkour practitioners ask me why I’m not wearing shoes, constantly. When answering, I tend to go through a stock list of reasons, like: It’s better for your coordination. It strengthens stabilizing muscles in the lower leg, which are under-used by shoe wearers. It improves balance and landing It corrects small

  • Winter training for Parkour or Free running

    Winter training for Parkour or Free running

    Snow, cold, frost, more snow, blizzards and the list goes on. For many people it seems like a huge obstacle to overcome physically, because of the bad conditions winter training offers. But some people see it differently. Winter, indeed, is one of the biggest obstacles that a practitioner may encounter, as weather conditions, even surrounding

  • Parkour games

    Parkour games

    One of the most exciting ways to experience Parkour training at its fullest is through Parkour games. These playful training methods have the role of transforming a dull training into a dynamic and fun activity, that will keep your body fit and your abilities sharp. A list of Parkour games There are many games you

  • Slackline: how to improve your balance for Parkour

    One of the most important aspect in sports, especially Parkour, is the sense of balance. While you can, of course, train balance on it’s own during your conditioning sessions, it’s not really fun. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives to the plain old balancing on static rails. You can learn how to improve your balance in

  • Parkour shoes

    Parkour shoes

    Training shoes for PK and Freeruning is a very popular subject lately, given the fact that a lot of companies started developing and selling these so-called Parkour shoes for enthusiasts. The most popular shoe chosen by traceurs is, by far, the Kalenji running shoe. It is lightweight with good cushioning and has a good grip,

  • How you can improve your Parkour routine

    How you can improve your Parkour routine

    There is a lot of debate on the Parkour routine every traceur uses in their trainings. One says that, another says that other thing. But in reality, any routine is better than no routine, and I will proceed to explain you why. Your body has a great a great ability to adapt, yet that adaptability

  • Proper hydration when training

    Proper hydration when training

    Proper hydration is vital for everyone, not just the physically active. Water is so important because it is your body’s main chemical component, making up, on average, 60 to 70% of your body weight. Drinking a large amount at once will result in negative effects if you do a lot of exercise immediately afterwards. Not