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Parkour Techniques

  • How to do a handstand

    How to do a handstand

    Learning how to do a handstand is really an easy and straightforward activity. Unlike tricks, vaults or complex Parkour movements, there is no technique that you need to get right. Doing a handstand requires a bit of coordination and exercise. I’m going to share with you a couple of tips that will help you improve your handstand

  • How to Warm-Down for Parkour

    How to Warm-Down for Parkour

    Knowing how to warm-down for Parkour and Free running is just as important as knowing how to warm-up. It can be the difference between a second day of training or being stuck in bed due to muscle soreness. I have been looking for a perfect way to warm-down properly for years and after trying several

  • How to Warm Up for Parkour

    How to Warm Up for Parkour

    A good warm up is essential before starting any kind of exercise. Most injuries, especially in Parkour, occur due to an improper warm up routine. During my 4 years of training I have tested a lot of exercises and theories about how to warm up properly. Let me show you the fastest way to warm

  • Parkour technique: How to wall-run

    Parkour technique: How to wall-run

    The wall-run is one of the most common techniques used in Parkour and Freerunning. Whether you are trying to escape from somebody or use it between two tricks, it is ideal to know how to wall-run. The wall-run is used to switch directions abruptly, gain height to jump over tall obstacles or simply run horizontally on a wall. The wallrun

  • Parkour games

    Parkour games

    One of the most exciting ways to experience Parkour training at its fullest is through Parkour games. These playful training methods have the role of transforming a dull training into a dynamic and fun activity, that will keep your body fit and your abilities sharp. A list of Parkour games There are many games you

  • Muscle memory in Parkour

    Muscle memory in Parkour

    Anyone who has lifted weights, on and off, for several years is familiar with the concept of “muscle memory”. Muscle memory is best observed when a person begins lifting weights after a prolonged lay off. It is much easier for them to return to their previous levels of size and strength than it was to get there

  • Bad habits that prevent perfect form

    Bad habits that prevent perfect form

    Training is all good when you know what you are doing and you condition your body to sustain the shock in your ankles, knees and joints. But if you’re not careful you will develop bad training habits. And this is why you should also train perfect form. Why train in perfect form? Mainly, because it

  • Night training in Parkour

    Many traceurs (Parkour practitioners) never think about training at night. And, perhaps you are also wondering why would you want to do that? I mean, it does not seem like you would ever need to do an obstacle course in zero visibility. That may be true, however, there are a lot of other advantages in doing so.