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  • Interview with Free running founder, Sebastien Foucan

    Another video with free running founder, Sebastien Foucan has emerged on the internet, on the Flow channel. A great insight into the history of Parkour and Free running, as well as a glimpse into the early ages of Parkour training from the eyes of the co-founder of the discipline. A great view, if you have

  • Parkour documentary: The Way Forward

    Parkour documentary: The Way Forward

    Parkour documentary videos have had a lot of attention from people who wanted to start practicing in the past. Apparently, this trend is on the rise again. More and more videos start to appear promoting the Parkour & Free running lifestyle. The way Forward is a great example of this concept and I think it’s

  • Freerun the world, documentary

    Freerun the world, documentary

    A feature length documentary on the journey part of the 3RUN team was lucky enough to live. The documentary takes a deeper insight into what its like to be a member of the 3RUN TEAM. It also shines light on the Worldwide 3RUN family. On this documentary, the members has this to say: We would

  • A reason to move – Parkour with Cerebral palsy

    A reason to move – Parkour with Cerebral palsy

    If you think that Parkour is only for daredevil teens you’re dead wrong. One Parkour practitioner had to overcome, not only his fears but also his physical limits. This is the story of James Blake Gallion a student who had to push him self harder than anyone i’ve ever seen and prove that even the impossible is

  • Video interview: Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff

    Video interview: Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff

    About 3 months ago, London Real hosted a great interview with the father of Free running, Sebastien Foucan, these guys are back with another great athlete. Timothy “Livewire” Shieff drops by to talk about the new generation of Free runners, how he questions the purpose of everything in his life, why he is a vegan

  • Documentary: Parkour Cologne

    Documentary: Parkour Cologne

    A group of traceurs from Cologne, Germany launched a documentary about Parkour and a definition on what it means for them. It’s a nice insight on the scene in Germany and how they feel about this discipline. The editing is not top notch, meaning they probably did it themselves, and the pace seems a little

  • TEDxEaling: Sebastien Foucan

    TEDxEaling: Sebastien Foucan

    Sebastien Foucan has been getting a lot of attention during the last few months. He was featured in an web interview, he launched La voix de la Foret, a great video showing him move through nature and now he is the speaker of an independently organized TED event. Seb talks about the relationship we have

  • Video interview: Sébastien Foucan

    Video interview: Sébastien Foucan

    Free running founder Sébastien Foucan talks about the meanings of the words Parkour and Free running, his relationship with David Belle and how he incorporates the philosophy of Bruce Lee into his discipline. We also get a glimpse into the stunt crew of the James Bond film Casino Royale and Daniel Craig, what it was

  • Interview: Sacha Cionn Hauser

    Interview: Sacha Cionn Hauser

    You have probably seen Cionn in videos such as Choose Life or in his 2010 and 2012 We run insane sampler. I had a great time interviewing Cionn, and I hope you will have a great time reading the article and finding out a little bit about this amazing guy. He works as a professional

  • Interview: Aral Roca Gómez

    Interview: Aral Roca Gómez

    I had the opportunity to talk to one of the best Parkour practitioners in Spain, Aral Roca. He has great skills that you can check on his Youtube channel. Here is a short bio and interview I managed to get out from our disscusion Name: Aral Roca Gómez Age: 21 City: Barcelona Hello Aral, thanks for accepting