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Free running Techniques

  • Free running games

    Free running games

    The best way to experience the free run movement style is through free running games. I have put together a list of free running games you can play anytime whether you’re a beginner or an advanced free runner. The reason for compiling it is because training the same moves can become monotonous really quickly, so

  • Free running tutorial: Tic Tsuk

    Free running tutorial: Tic Tsuk

    I stumbled on a great video for a Tic Tsuk tutorial. If you are not familiar with it, this Free running movement is a combination of the Tic-Side flip along with the gymnastics vault move Tsukahara. The Tic Tsuk tutorial goes through the steps gradually and has helped me nail it in just a few

  • How to side-flip

    How to side-flip

    Although most people know how to side-flip, I decided to make a tutorial for people who do not know and want to learn. For starters, you should know that there are various ways in which you can learn this trick. How to side-flip quickly One quick method is to practice a roll the shoulder blades, where

  • Blocking technique: Jump higher

    Blocking technique: Jump higher

    I made this tutorial to help explain better why some Free runners jump higher like they have ‘springs and wings “and others do not. They are using something called Blocking. So you can understand blocking technique easier, I will try to dissect a trick. Breaking down basic technique for tricks A trick consists of four