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  • How to Warm-Down for Parkour

    How to Warm-Down for Parkour

    Knowing how to warm-down for Parkour and Free running is just as important as knowing how to warm-up. It can be the difference between a second day of training or being stuck in bed due to muscle soreness. I have been looking for a perfect way to warm-down properly for years and after trying several

  • How to Warm Up for Parkour

    How to Warm Up for Parkour

    A good warm up is essential before starting any kind of exercise. Most injuries, especially in Parkour, occur due to an improper warm up routine. During my 4 years of training I have tested a lot of exercises and theories about how to warm up properly. Let me show you the fastest way to warm

  • Parkour technique: How to wall-run

    Parkour technique: How to wall-run

    The wall-run is one of the most common techniques used in Parkour and Freerunning. Whether you are trying to escape from somebody or use it between two tricks, it is ideal to know how to wall-run. The wall-run is used to switch directions abruptly, gain height to jump over tall obstacles or simply run horizontally on a wall. The wallrun

  • Training without training in Parkour

    Training without training in Parkour

    When you begin Parkour, you often find yourself only thinking about training the next time you are going out to practice. You might then go to school, work or just a walk in the park, forgetting about your training completely. But what if there is a way you can practice Parkour all day, every day?

  • Parkour technique: The roll

    Because Parkour training puts a lot of strain on your bones and ligaments, you will need a way to attenuate your falls and impact on your body. The roll or “roulade” consists of absorbing the impact of a fall by rolling from one shoulder to the hip of the opposite side. This is one of