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  • Nike Free Run+ 2 Parkour shoes

    Nike Free Run+ 2 Parkour shoes

    The Nike Free Run+ 2 Parkour shoe is the followup to the Nike Free Run+ with an improved upper, lighter-weight construction, and the same Free outsole, many have grown to love. The Nike Free Run +2 Parkour shoes did see a slight price increase from its predecessor bumping up from $85 to $90 at retail.

  • Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour

    Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour

    I got my hands on a pair of Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour. Christmas came late (or really early) this year, so I though I’d give you guys an honest opinion on these shoes. You may have read about all the hype there has been around them. Seasoned traceurs and free runners are all sporting them in clips and I

  • K-swiss Ariake Parkour shoes

    K-swiss Ariake Parkour shoes

    The K-swiss Ariake Parkour shoes are a great choice if you’re new to the Parkour and Free running scene. Also, if you’re an advanced Free runner, making big leaps across obstacles, you will require a shoe that will take some of the impact. No matter in what category you’re situated at the moment, I would

  • Shoes for Parkour: Five Fingers

    Shoes for Parkour: Five Fingers

    I got these shoes today and almost immediately put them on. Immediately  I felt like I could jump all over the place and had to resist the urge to tick-tack off the walls. After work, I had a nice long session. The Parkour Five fingers make you feel a lot more springy, partly because of the great

  • Parkour shoes

    Parkour shoes

    Training shoes for PK and Freeruning is a very popular subject lately, given the fact that a lot of companies started developing and selling these so-called Parkour shoes for enthusiasts. The most popular shoe chosen by traceurs is, by far, the Kalenji running shoe. It is lightweight with good cushioning and has a good grip,