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  • Parkour definition in 3 minutes

    Parkour definition in 3 minutes

    Here is a great Parkour definition and a complete explanation of Parkour movements from l1consolable. Naim takes the time to thoroughly explain the basic principles of Parkour and its most basic movements with great tenacity and to the point. The whole video is only about 3 minutes. It’s amazing how many things you can say if you focus on

  • Parkour documentary: The Way Forward

    Parkour documentary: The Way Forward

    Parkour documentary videos have had a lot of attention from people who wanted to start practicing in the past. Apparently, this trend is on the rise again. More and more videos start to appear promoting the Parkour & Free running lifestyle. The way Forward is a great example of this concept and I think it’s

  • Freerun the world, documentary

    Freerun the world, documentary

    A feature length documentary on the journey part of the 3RUN team was lucky enough to live. The documentary takes a deeper insight into what its like to be a member of the 3RUN TEAM. It also shines light on the Worldwide 3RUN family. On this documentary, the members has this to say: We would

  • Documentary: Parkour Cologne

    Documentary: Parkour Cologne

    A group of traceurs from Cologne, Germany launched a documentary about Parkour and a definition on what it means for them. It’s a nice insight on the scene in Germany and how they feel about this discipline. The editing is not top notch, meaning they probably did it themselves, and the pace seems a little

  • Documentary: Parkour Pilgrimage

    Documentary: Parkour Pilgrimage

    A Parkour documentary that shows the struggles of traceurs while searching for meaning in their trainings. It is about the journey a couple of practitioners take to Lisses, the city where Parkour started, to discover what this discipline is and to follow the footsteps of the Yamakasi. The maker is TK17, a traceur who broke both his