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  • Help me finish my Parkour book

    Help me finish my Parkour book

    In 2014 I started writing a book with the goal of empowering other people to see how movement can change their life the way that it changed mine. My book never really got where I wanted it to be. I felt like it was never quite ready, so I kept postponing putting it out there. You know that feeling; dreading that people will

  • Hostevie GoPro mouth mount

    Hostevie GoPro mouth mount

    A GoPro mount that you grip between your teeth is a strange accessory to have. But it lets you use the camera without using your hands, or strapping it to your head. This way, you get more stable shots and a POV (Point of View) a lot closer to reality. Hostevie mouth mount review I had the chance to test

  • Parkour Romania’s 2015 Jam video

    Parkour Romania’s 2015 Jam video video

    The guys at Parkour Romania launched a clip with their latest Parkour Jam held in a city called Cluj-Napoca. The moves look like they’re on par with what’s going on everywhere else in the world and the edit looks really nice. It’s great to see how the Parkour spirit and sense of community is flourishing.

  • Berlin opens a high-flying urban park ideal for Parkour

    Berlin opens a high-flying urban park ideal for Parkour

    There is a spot right in the heart of Berlin where people can climb through recycled objects, play Parkour tag and beach volleyball. Called Mount Center, the urban Parkour park is located in Mitte — the German capital’s trendiest design area. Mount Center’s main attraction is the gigantic Parkour course that can be spotted from

  • New Parkour Park in Enfield, UK

    New Parkour Park in Enfield, UK

    A new Parkour park opened in Angel Gardens, situated in Enfield – UK. This wass part of a project to revamp the derelict site into an open space for community growth. The new area will include an outdoor gym, parkour park, a larger relaxation area for residents and a new path to Angel Road Station. This

  • David Belle interview

    David Belle interview

    [Photo credit: Isabelle Ruen] This David Belle interview from a couple of days ago on the Flow Channel is quite amazing. You can expect the kind of insight you might already expect and a message for the Parkour community around the world. David also answers some of the most burning questions, like where he was

  • Interview with Free running founder, Sebastien Foucan

    Another video with free running founder, Sebastien Foucan has emerged on the internet, on the Flow channel. A great insight into the history of Parkour and Free running, as well as a glimpse into the early ages of Parkour training from the eyes of the co-founder of the discipline. A great view, if you have

  • Elderly citizens learn Parkour in the UK

    Elderly citizens learn Parkour in the UK

    George Jackson, 85, an army veteran and former boxer swings on monkey bars as he participates at a parkour class for elderly people at a park in south London. ‘I really enjoy it and wish I could do more, said Jackson, the class’ oldest participant. The London parkour class of about a dozen students is

  • How to train Parkour long-term

    How to train Parkour long-term

    When I was younger, Bruce Lee’s representation was my definition of efficiency. I thought that the way he trained would also work for me and would motivate me past any level of pain and blast through repetitions of lactic-acid-inducing torture. Yet what I found out was that these transformations always had another side to them.