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Interview: Sacha Cionn Hauser

You have probably seen Cionn in videos such as Choose Life or in his 2010 and 2012 We run insane sampler. I had a great time interviewing Cionn, and I hope you will have a great time reading the article and finding out a little bit about this amazing guy. He works as a professional stuntman and teaches Parkour in Austria, Vienna.

Name: Sascha “Cionn” Hauser
Age: 34
City: Vienna
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/Cionn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaschaCionnHauser

Hello Sasha. Can you tell us a few things about yourself?

Well, all my friends call me Sascha, and I have 34 years of life in Vienna, the most beautiful city in Austria-Europe-The World (in my opinion).

Can you tell us how you first made contact with the world of Parkour?

I saw a report on TV about some guys in France who jumps over obstacles, over high walls and having extraordinary fun while doing it. Right then I fell in love and I realized that I want to move like they do. The next day I went alone to try some of the things I saw. Only after, I learned that the story was about Team Adrenalin.

Many traceurs seem, in their interviews, that they had inclinations for this type of movement since birth. Did you have this urge to climb and move since your childhood?

When I was little, I had so many dreams about what would become when I grow up, but I know I always wanted me move like a ninja, so yes, it is true in my case also.

You are an international athlete and an idol for many. What made you choose Free running over other sports?

There are many ways that you choose in life. I think I chose this path because I wanted to feel absolute freedom!

Tell us a few words about your workout routine.

Go outside, jump and have fun for a while, come home and sleep great! 😉 I have no standard routine, workout or fixed conditioning exercises!

In your opinion, what would a Free running practitioner have to do to achieve perfection?

Well it is very easy to explain in a few words! He must have an open mind, discipline and really have fun training!

If you could give advice to practitioners in the world, what would you say?

Always listen to the voice in your head. It will tell you what you want to do in life. And I do not mean voices that tell you to buy a firearm and make carnage!

How is this discipline seen in Austria, in general?

Ordinary people are very tolerant. I think they got used to us. There are no problems with the authorities either, as long as you do not destroy anything.

Any plans to expand in this discipline? To make a living by practicing Free running?

My passion is to train people interested in learning! So I am already a sports teacher and coach. I think I’ll do this for life, because I believe it fits me. My plans are already in place!

Any other hobbies besides Free running?

I think it would be easier to tell you what hobbies I DO NOT have! I do a lot of things in my spare time, so I can not set on one thing. 😉

What is the most beautiful thing you gained from your experience in Free running scene?

There are a lot of things! But I think the most important is that I found a purpose in life, love and many travels throughout the world. And of course, friends!

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