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Berlin opens a high-flying urban park ideal for Parkour

There is a spot right in the heart of Berlin where people can climb through recycled objects, play Parkour tag and beach volleyball. Called Mount Center, the urban Parkour park is located in Mitte — the German capital’s trendiest design area. Mount Center’s main attraction is the gigantic Parkour course that can be spotted from the street and offers high-flying ropes and a variety of recycled objects for climbing on.

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Berlin’s amazing Mount Center opened in 2010 next to a wild park, meters away from the Nordbanhof S-Bahn train station. After a short training session with an experienced guide, visitors are welcome to climb the grand parkour area and discover six different courses with different difficulty levels and altitudes. The recycled area is 43 feet high and features a mix of classics cars (including vintage German Beetles and East German Trabants), repurposed barrels, tires, wood and ropes.

Source: Inhabitat

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