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Free running games

The best way to experience the free run movement style is through free running games. I have put together a list of free running games you can play anytime whether you’re a beginner or an advanced free runner.

The reason for compiling it is because training the same moves can become monotonous really quickly, so games introduce a great way to get that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve done everything there is in a Free running spot.

Free running games list

This is a list of free running games you can play anytime and with a wide number of people. If you’re alone, or training with a friend, these games will make free running as fun as training in a  big group. All you have to do is get a bottle of water, your running shoes and start playing.

Free run Memory

No. of participants: 2-10
Difficulty: Medium
Suitable locations: gym, large areas with scattered obstacles such as public fountains, parks, etc.

The first free runner does a sequence of 3 to 5 moves. The second person has to do the same routine remembering the order. The value of this free running game is that it teaches you to remember combos in a course, making it an easier to get your flow and develop new free run movements.

Free running add-ons

No. of participants: 2-10
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Suitable locations: open parks, gym, large areas with close obstacles, etc.

Begin by agreeing on the first sequence of 2 to 3 moves. The first free runner gets on the grass or traverses a course using the sequence of moves. When he finishes, he adds one more move. The moves can be anything he wants, as long as he “sticks” it. Each time a free runner completes the course he adds another move. You can play using only flips or as a Parkour game. Continue to repeat this pattern until exhaustion. Great free running game for building endurance and improving flow.

Get dressed

No. of participants: 1-10
Difficulty: Easy
Suitable locations: open parks, gym, large areas with close obstacles, etc.

Clothes are placed around an obstacle course. The free runner has to dress, or undress by performing a flashy free running move when grabbing a piece of clothing. Make sure clothes are set oh higher ledges or in places too tight to progress the game.


No. of participants: 2-10
Difficulty: Medium
Suitable locations: large areas with scattered obstacles such as public fountains, parks, etc.

The reverse of Free running Add-ons. You start with plentiful objects and movements. A free runner can perform any moves, take any path. The next person, same path, different moves. The next free runner, no cat-leap-over-bench, only speed, etc. Restrict things until impossible, injured, or completely wasted. Rules can be made on the fly after each round.


No. of participants: 2-10
Difficulty: Medium
Suitable locations: large areas with close obstacles such as passageways, stairs, etc.

Similar to Eliminator free running game, but using a set path, and series of obstacles, the challenge is set to complete it using the smallest number of body movements. So a demitour to drop and roll is one move more than a kong, roll. And so on.

Blind run

No. of participants: 1-5
Difficulty: Hard
Suitable locations: gym, large areas with scattered obstacles or parks, etc.

Blind fold a free runner. Make him perform a set list of 5 to 15 movements until he cannot anymore. See who can get the furthest without falling. Improves awareness and sense of balance blindfolded.

Free running games online

If you were looking for free running games online you should try a search o Google. Or, if you’re reading this, start training your free running skills and try some of the games I listed above. You might find them even more entertaining than online free running games.

Train safe!

  1. ShadeLZST

    October 10, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Okay, the blind run just seems ridiculous. You don’t want to cause any unneeded injuries to the practitioner that could result in either temporary or permanent damage to the body. Parkour is meant to be as safe as possible, the same counts with freerunning.

    • Dan Dinu

      October 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm

      Balance and landings do not necessarily require sight. If you try the blind run in a gym or an open space with lots of grass (park), the game is not nearly as dangerous as you might think. However, this is an exercise for advanced free runners. So I don’t recommend it if you do not have a high level of self-confidence.

      Have fun!

    • Behr Palomo

      October 12, 2015 at 5:58 pm

      I agree that safety should be your first consideration and recommendations to continue until injured are unwise. Blindfolded tricks could be performed with safety mats or in a gym with no obstacles but to blindfold someone and have them run into a wall, tree or off of a platform an unknown distance with unknown obstacles is not brave, skillful or in any way a behavior to model.


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