[email protected] Wednesday - Feb 14, 2018

Parkour TV commercial for Tata Sky+

Parkour Generations recently choreographed and did the action for a TV commercial for Indian TV. The Tata Sky+ commercial now holds the record for the longest (and probably coolest) TV commercial ever aired in India.

PKGen Director Forrest was in charge of choreography for the piece, which had a cast and crew of over 200 people, shot on location in an actual prison in Hungary. Team Member Andy Pearson was the front man for the piece, leading the action and playing the role of ‘mastermind’.

Tata Sky+ HD’s latest TVC is the longest TV commercial to be telecast in the history of Indian advertising. Titled, Prison Break the ad is an extremely fast paced, gripping story, where a bunch of foreign convicts plan to escape from an Indian prison during the India Pakistan match. Tata Sky+ HD is involved in intercepting this plan. Find out how…

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