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Like the guys 2 – Parkour video from Romania

There aren’t that many Parkour and Free running videos coming from Romania, but the ones that do make their way out on the Internet are quite impressive. In this following video we have two traceurs from Parkour Romania. Cris and Alex making their way through some of the best places I’ve seen so far in the country.

The clip in entitled Like the guys 2 (in the original language: Ca baietii 2) and features a very laid back song over you can hear the guys land and breathe. You’d think differently, but this is actually a nice touch. Most Parkour videos nowadays take the impersonal way and cut out the background noise to feature the latest dub-step song. I like hearing the grunting, landing and the voices.

Apparently this clip is actually a continuation of this next clip which is titled Like the guys. This one is much more dynamic and longer than the sequel. Also a great view is you’re trying to get a better view of Parkour and the efficient side of the training.


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  1. melissa

    April 5, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    comment peut on joidre votre groupe pour s’entrainer du parcour? merci d’avance


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