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FastBreak Parkour pack review

Fastbreak Parkour Pack Aerial M.

Fastbreak Parkour Pack Aerial M.

As you may be aware, as a Traceur (Parkour practicioner), you do not actually need special equipment. Nevertheless, there are some manufacturers out there, that can help a Traceur’s life when it comes to training. There are always some items you should have with you every training session, such as a cell phone, keys, and water. Maybe even some spare clothes.

Pretty much everyone needs a backpack during workouts and this is exactly what FastBreak developed for you. What does this backpack have compared to other “standard rucksacks”? I have reviewed it for you and have a few pointers that might help you decide:

Fastbreak pack design:

In our test model, the FastBreak Parkour Pack Aerial M (medium), a backpack with a 10 liter capacity, we found a compact companion. During your training you will not want to run around with a big and bulky backpack, do you’ll only get the bare essentials. The small backpack is ideal because of its narrow dimensions light-weight and the futuristic design. It is clearly different from other 0815-containers. The shell has a stylish honeycomb design and looks pretty modern. The size does not intrude with short runs and with the chest and hip strap you need not worry that the backpack will move around on you. The design includes a large cross-belt on the back, which is not only intended for design purposes, but provides practical function for fixing sweaters or jackets.

Fastbreak Parkour pack features:

As mentioned above, the backpack sits close to the body and thus offers some safety while running. Nothing is loose or fluttered and on the (unpadded) shoulder straps there is a sewn chest strap, which can be closed with a small zip. Who wants additional stability, can fix the hip belt via velcro, on the body. Who does not need the hip belt can easily dismantle it. In the chest strap, this is not possible. Even the cross-strap on the back can detach if needed, for example if you’re training in the summer without a sweater / jacket. The cross-strap leaves limited access to the contents inside the pockets. The shoulder straps can not (as you can on usual backpacks) be adjusted to any length, but only in three different settings via hooks on the backpack itself. These three length settings should normally be sufficient and have the advantage or avoiding flutter leaving no straps loose.

Inside, you can find a 1.5 liter bottle space, which can be secured with a rubber strap. Initially this fixture in the interior is a bit fiddly, but with a little practice this is a very useful feature. Standard features such as the phone bag (suitable size for smartphones) and other small pockets for small items such as keys, etc. provide more stability and no “strumming” when moving. Otherwise, the backpack is also equipped with rubber overlaps on the zipper, which keep contents dry, even in a downpour.

Despite the tight dimensions you have many pockets / compartments in the interior, but also outside (small pockets on the chest strap). However, if you’re going to have cameras or take more equipment with you, you should look at the bigger Large model.

Fastbreak Parkour pack training Experience:

I had the backpack outdoors in all weathers, but can’t obviously make a judgment (yet), on the long-term stability of the materials. The impression so far was positive because I compared the product with other standard backpacks that are less intended for sporting use. In principle, one can even perform movements such as rolls. Whether the content (phone / camera) would survive unharmed is another question.

Since the backpack does not have any padding, you can feel the content directly through the back. So if, for example, you’ll carry an edgy Go-Pro Camera, you will have to position in so it will not bother you. I have removed (as mentioned briefly), the hip and cross straps, since the pack has enough stability without them. With the cross-strap you get relatively poor access to the content, but it can be removed easily. The 2-piece chest strap can’t be removed, unfortunately, since it was sewn to the shoulder straps and thus, with the zip open, it will flutter on your chest. The positive side is, even when it rains, everything remains dry inside.

Fastbreak's Parkour backpack has a very slim design.

Fastbreak’s Parkour backpack has a very slim design.

Fastbreak Parkour pack Aerial M conclusion:

Our first impression is good, even if there is some room for improvement. Costing 69 € the backpack is certainly not among the cheapest you can find but on stability and futuristic design value you might have found the right product for yourself. Few other backpacks fit so good on the body while still providing enough capacity to the bare minimum to with you anywhere.

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