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Parkour strength training and conditioning

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Parkour athlete Obsidian 1138 launched one of his already famous videos, full of great workouts. The exercises demonstrated in this particular video do not represent a full workout routine, but just a collection of training ideas the team at Nirthen Parkour put together for you. You can use these to complement your Parkour training.

As for the intensity, as with any training, it should always be challenging. As long as it is, you should see gradual improvement over time. Obsidian suggests that you set yourself training goals and work towards them.

When working to build strength, you need to also consider diet, as well as the actual exercise. Nutrition and is an important part of any training regime if you want to benefit fully from the workout.

Check out the strength training video:


  • Hi!
    What is your experience? Is it better to do for example 12 squats, 12 push-ups, 12 pull-ups, etc… and repeat this group a few times, or to do 3×12 squats in a row and then move to the next exercise? I’m a bit confused about it.

    Thank you for this website, it’s really useful!

    • Hi Gyorgy,

      It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. The first option is, in my opinion, better because you get more muscles in the exercise with less pauses between reps. While you do your squats your upper body has time to recover and vice-versa. So I suggest finding a good routine that alternates upper body conditioning with lower body conditioning.

      After a full cycle, don’t forget to take a short break (30 sec – 1 min) before starting the routine again. You don’t want to exhaust yourself before seeing the results.

  • Thank you! It seems i’m not as stupid as others said :D
    It’s quite a new sport to me, but i really enjoy it. Hopefully i can be more flexible later so I’ll able to use my body as i want :)
    Thanks again!

  • Hi, I am wondering if their is a point when you work out too much. say everyday? I am new to parkour and well. How often should I do weight training? I am starting with two a days right now for conditioning. Can i be overworking my body? Its only for two weeks! Im in good shape, but Im an x smoker. Just quit yesterday. How should i go about this?

  • I`m sorry to bother you again for the 4th or fifth time, but I have another qusetion and It`s about training.
    I have ben focusing on mainy my strength and power rather than my quordinationand and balance becaulse I have no place to train, what can I do?

    • It’s fine Kyle, I am glad I can help.

      You should not worry about not having proper technique training, as 80% of Parkour is conditioning training. A lot of people miss this aspect and focus on technique, ignoring in large part the conditioning behind it. This can lead to injuries and accidents, so you are actually doing it right.

      If you really want to progress in your technique, learn to make your own parkour obstacles or if you feel like it’s no use, you should read about giving up in Parkour.

      There are always ways to train, like finding a wall and discovering ways to move using it or just try to go into some tricking/flips if you have a patch of grass in your backyard.

      Don’t try to imitate moves you see on Youtube. You most probably do not have the obstacles they have. Find your own way and train according to YOUR environment.

  • thanks!

  • I do Parkour / Free Running Everyday since April 1 2013! It’s awesome! I do flips , jumps , vaults , jumps over stuff , and much more! I eat healthy everyday! I run and lift weights! Future Ninja Warrior In Japan!

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