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Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour

I got my hands on a pair of Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour. Christmas came late (or really early) this year, so I though I’d give you guys an honest opinion on these shoes. You may have read about all the hype there has been around them. Seasoned traceurs and free runners are all sporting them in clips and I wondered if they lived up to the reputation.

I am a strong supporter of barefoot training and help from soft soles, so you can imagine the enthusiasm all over my face when I received these little babies. They were almost like nothing I had imagined. The upper part is actually a piece of cloth and the sole is a thin slice of rubber running along the foot.

What was my experience with the Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour? Let me give you a complete overview:

The Feyiue's are a great pair of shoes for Parkour, if you like the barefoot feeling, without taking off your shoes.

The Feyiue’s are a great pair of shoes for Parkour, if you like the barefoot feeling, without taking off your shoes.

Look: The Feyiue is a very simple shoe. The treads are tan rubber with deep grooves for grip. The uppers are black canvas. (Unless you get the white version, which I don’t recommend because the white tends to get dirty).

Weight: They’re extremely light. Perhaps they’re a little bit heavier than the KOs, but you really can’t feel them at all. Your feet feel freer and less restricted than in running shoes because there is no padding or cushioning above the sole.

Comfort: VERY flexible. These will probably feel a little bit loose to start with, but you will get used to that fairly quickly. They are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. However, if you have an abnormally thin foot, these probably won’t go tight enough for you.

Impact: These are thin. They will force you to develop very good landing technique, whether you want it or not. Also, you can bend your toes around rails, which is much nicer than having a block of plastic under your feet. If you hate the feeling thin soles (you shouldn’t) give you then you won’t like these.

Jump/spring: It’s all you on this one. The Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour make it feel like you are pushing with your toes straight from the surface you are standing on. The soft rubber material does not interfere or aid you in any way. I believe this to be a great thing on the long term. Wearing these shoes I can probably increase my jump a few inches.

Grip: great grip on variety of surfaces. These have good grip, but not great. The reason I’ll rate them high is that they have good grip all around, unlike most shoes, which will usually slip on plastic, metal and thick coats of paint. The grip is better once it is broken in.

Other things: The Feiyue can easily last up to 5 or 6 months if you take care of them. On a hard training summer, they will last you 3-4 months.

Overall: Easy on the wallet, and it eases you into barefoot training. If you are getting a pair, buy two. Then you wont have to pay 7 bucks extra in shipping. The grip is almost as good as K-swiss Ariake shoes.

Feiyue Lo shoes for Parkour conclusion

They are a great alternative to regular running shoes or the Five-Fingers shoes. If you’re planning on transitioning more on the barefoot training side, without taking off you’re shoes, these are your best bet; unless, of course  you can afford the Vibram Five Fingers, then you should get those instead.

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  2. Andrew

    February 22, 2014 at 5:33 am

    Are these the $20 pair or the higher quality Feiyues? Where did you purchase them from?

  3. hazem

    April 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    buy alllllll shoes


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