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How to do a handstand

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Learning how to do a handstand is really an easy and straightforward activity. Unlike tricks, vaults or complex Parkour movements, there is no technique that you need to get right. Doing a handstand requires a bit of coordination and exercise.

I’m going to share with you a couple of tips that will help you improve your handstand learning time and get you ready to stand on your own two hands.

Tips on how to do a handstand

First, practice the lifting movement that you make all the time. Muscle memory retains this exercise technique and after a while and a lot of practice, you’ll know how much force to use.

doing handstandAs an additional exercise I suggest you get on your hands next to the wall with your belly or back facing the wall. Afterwards, without any wall to acquaint yourself with the movement. This exercise will get you accustomed to the upside down feeling and will help your balance.

Push-ups help you work triceps and it helps a lot to strengthen your joints and tendons in the elbow. This way, they become more resistant to tension and effort that is put on the arms, tendons, joints and so on.

handstandingTo make learning how to do a handstand more interesting, push off the wall to get away from it and stay balanced without help. Do not get angry if you fall right from the start. It takes practice to teach the body what to do.

Besides push-ups I recommend you to do dips and pull-ups. Dips strengthen arms, chest and back in a certain way different from push-ups and Pull-ups strengthen your back and help balance the strength in the arms.

You’ll see that after a while, sitting on your hands, you feel your whole upper body tense and exhausted and you’ll wonder why your biceps or neck hurt when you do not use them.

How to walk on your hands

Another exercise that is quite useful and fun is walking on your hands hands along a wall. Get up / Stand on your hands to the wall (belly or back to the wall, as you wish) and go to the side (left or right) from one point to another, and back. Helps with balance, posture towards vertical objects (ie your vertical axis) and learn to sit up straight and improves strength and endurance.

how to handstandA final factor that must always be taken into consideration is breathing. It is very important for the body to be oxygenated while executing such movements. How to be breathing: when you are close to the ground inhale a large doze of air, and when you’re pushing exhale as you go up . From here you can breathe normally, but you must not stop. Even if you are tense and fixed in position as long as you breathe, your body relaxes a little and you can focus on it more. It’s like you calm and focus better.

With all this, just practice how to do a handstand daily, whenever you feel like to. The results will be seen after a while.


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