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Shoes for Parkour: Five Fingers

I got these shoes today and almost immediately put them on. Immediately  I felt like I could jump all over the place and had to resist the urge to tick-tack off the walls. After work, I had a nice long session. The Parkour Five fingers make you feel a lot more springy, partly because of the great flexibility in the ball of the foot and part because they feel so cool.

There are a lot of advantages and a few mishaps that The Vibram Five fingers offer for Parkour training and I want to put them into perspective, before you go out and buy them for your daily training.

The thin-sole five fingers shoes used for Parkour training.

The thin-sole five fingers shoes used for Parkour training.

Look: They look different. People often mistake them as socks. But they look cool in that sort of bizarre, way.

Weight: Really light. This might be the lightest pair of shoes I have ever testes. At a weight of 5.7 oz each shoe, they’re great.

Comfort: They fit like a glove… literally. They don’t have half sizes, so you will have to order full size. If you have a slightly smaller foot it’ll be nearly nullified by the straps (in the the KSO’s). Putting them on first time is a pain, but after the first time it becomes easy.

Impact: The only flaw with this shoe. There’s no cushioning. Precisions hurt a little, running through the forest sucks, and if you don’t know how to land on your feet without rolling, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt. You will learn the lesson since these will force you to sharpen up your technique to avoid pain.

Jump/spring: I don’t think anything outclasses this shoe in this category. Jumping became a lot better. I felt springier, my jumps felt more natural, and my kongs have never felt so good. Running with these is just a breeze. You get to run as fast as you would barefoot, without the downsides.

Grip: Looking at this shoe, you think, “Wow! How is this supposed to grip anything?” But when you look a little closer, flexing the shoe makes little serrations that pinch whatever surface they’re on. Also  the toes have great grip that can rival a gecko. Running also becomes more efficient as you grip the ground more gaining horizontal momentum.

Other things: Still has that new shoe smell after a 3 hour workout. You really need wash these shoes every week. Because you have to go barefoot, you’ll stink them up pretty fast. Also, the yellow sole inside leaves residue similar to pencil eraser shavings.

Overall: A great pair of shoes for Parkour. Vibram has a lot of inspiration in making shoes based off of human physiology. Our bodies were built to be most efficient in our natural form, and this shoe proves it.

Five Finger shoes for Parkour

To sum this shoe up, you get all of the benefits of barefoot exercise, without all of the pain of barefoot exercise. The Parkour Five fingers offer you a new experience on the training ground and might just be an intermediate step for barefoot training.

Best Five finger shoes for Parkour

Definitely, the best version of Vibram Five finger for Parkour are the KSO’s. The straps hold them tightly in place, keeping the shoe from slipping off you foot when bending or performing more aggressive movements.

If running with five fingers feels weird you are probably running wrong. You’ll save yourself lots of pain if you read this article about proper running technique.

    • Dan Dinu

      December 20, 2012 at 7:08 pm

      Thanks Kris,

      That sounds like a good idea. These look like they might also help during cold training days.

  1. Salatfreak

    July 4, 2015 at 5:37 am

    Does this advice still apply? Vibram offers so many different FiveFingers and even several KSO’s. Is the KSO EVO a good choice for parkour? It promises to fit more firmly and to have a better grip then the KSO but the KSO’s are not intended for sports according to the manufacturer.

  2. jenny vegas

    March 21, 2016 at 12:03 am

    wash your feet and put some tea tree oil on them, before you slip into the shoes. that’s best for keeping “fresh” them a bit longer!


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