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How to Warm-Down for Parkour

Knowing how to warm-down for Parkour and Free running is just as important as knowing how to warm-up. It can be the difference between a second day of training or being stuck in bed due to muscle soreness. I have been looking for a perfect way to warm-down properly for years and after trying several methods, I have managed to develop a short and efficient way to relax my body after a hard day training. The secret lies in a good static stretching routine, that you can do in the last 10-15 minutes of your training.

How to warm-down for Parkour using static stretching

The best way to relax your muscles is to stretch them, without pulling on them dynamically. This means that you have to get into the stretch position and maintain the stretch without moving in and out to accentuate the stretch.

Let me show you some static positions that you can hold for about 10 seconds each, in order to relax your muscles after a day of Parkour or Free running training.

Start off by putting your head on one shoulder and pressing it down with your hand. Switch sides!

Put your hand between your shoulder blades and pull with the other one to stretch.

Cross the fingers of both hands and stretch to the sides, with your arms above your head.

To stretch the shoulders, put your hand straight along your chest. Grab it with your other arms and press it against your body.

To stretch your wrists, put your arms straight, in front of you, fingers stretched. Pull on all four fingers.

To stretch your abs, lay down in a push-up position and lower your hips to get into a cobra position.

To stretch the abs while standing, put your arms on your lower back and lean backwards.

To stretch the back, lay on the ground with your legs wide apart and have a friend pull on your arms forward.

To stretch your bag and legs, put one foot in front of the other and try to touch the tips of the toes on your back leg.

To relax your back muscles, lay down on your knees and extend your arms in front of you, brushing the ground.

To stretch your legs further, lunge in front and put your arm under your leg.

To stretch the hamstrings, pull on the lower part of your leg at the back. Stand in one leg.

To stretch the femural bicep, pull on your leg up and in front of you. Stand in one leg.

To stretch the ankles, stand in one leg and extend the foot forward, flexing the ankle.

Shake your limbs and you’re good to go

This is basically it. If you’ve managed to get all the exercises done your body will have been relaxed almost completely. Be warned that after performing these movements your physical abilities will be reduced and it is not a good idea to continue training. A good day of rest is ideal for the body to recover properly.

Photos courtesy of Muntzishor.

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